Two Masters and Two Gospels, Volume 1 Now Released

Why do many American Christians Today Oppose the Values of Jesus? In recent years, why have most evangelical Christians been more concerned with political “winning” over soul-winning? Why have they been willing to “deal with the Devil” to further their interests and agenda, and disregard their call to “love thy neighbor,” and its impact on their witness to the world and reputation of the Church? Why do their calls to limit government assistance and citizen protections mirror those of the financial, business and wealth classes? Do these modern values reflect the sermons and gospel they hear on Sundays, or the “sermons” they hear on talk radio and cable news during the week, like the Pharisees whom Christ opposed? How did this “cognitive dissonance” arise in recent generations of Christians, and by whose hidden hands did they infiltrate the doors of the church?

These questions and others will be addressed in full in this first installment of the Two Masters and Two Gospels series, by a Bible-believing Christian researcher who has uncovered shocking influences and culprits from the darkest corners of both the Mammon-worshipping establishment and Gnostic counter-culture, into the minds of generations of clergy, and through them into the Christian community at large.

It explores the observable changes in the attitudes, perceptions of and interactions with the outside world by America’s Religious Right and evangelical base in the recent years of the “Trump phenomena,” finding in their new president a messianic figure and an apparent expression of the collective “id” of their embattled culture and heritage of preeminent societal stewardship. However, have they made a “Faustian bargain” with the aim of a reclamation of short-term power and influence, and if so, which party is the compromising Faust, and which is the seducing Devil? Furthermore, have they sacrificed their (sometimes) historical role in society of spiritual guardianship and ethical example and leadership, “despising their birthright” of such like Esau, for a “mess of Trump porridge,” or worse yet, in exchange for thirty pieces of silver?

So how have most of today’s Religious Right-affiliated “salt of the earth” citizens developed a mindset and attitude towards others and the issues of the day, expressing clannish pride, xenophobic paranoia of the “stranger” outside their own clan as well as a disregard for their suffering, and an exaltation of the wealthy, worldly successful and arrogant, in direct contradiction to the Sermon-on-the-Mount Kingdom principles of humility and “others-centeredness” taught by their own Founder and Savior? This work asserts that this paradox is best explained upon consideration of the “other gospel” most Christians are exposed to every week, as countless hours of exposure to talk radio and cable news during their commutes, work day and evening meal simply dwarf the influence from their house of worship, propagating a “business-friendly” worldview. This work also reviews a score or more of the pertinent “hot button” issues of the day, and reveals how the teachings of Jesus and the saints as recorded in scripture bears little similarity to the media “gospel” that despises the poor, the stranger, and other “undesirables.”

Worse yet is the discovery, in the little-known historical investigation within this work, that our own Christian leaders colluded with Big Business interests in the New Deal-era to fight forms of public assistance, paid for with hard cash, who in turn used Christian media to train our national clergy and public, using Gnostic guides under dark spiritual influences, with biblical prophetic implications. This modern-era exposure of our Christian leaders “riding the Beast” of the ancient, money-obsessed “Great City Babylon,” and which provides impeccable documentation and dares to “name names,” is intended to provide spiritual insight both to the orthodox Christian, and the moral, authenticity-seeking unbeliever.   

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Major international outlets now featuring the book include the Southeast Asia book seller E-Sentral, and the Swedish retailer Bokus.

“Dr. Michael Bennett makes some bold and provocative claims in his new book, Two Masters and Two Gospels. He documents how the messages of talk radio hosts have infiltrated the church and warns of the dangers of conflating the message of the Christ with the propaganda of the media and political systems. Bennett tells a disturbing narrative of how the message of Jesus was co-opted by those who sought wealth and power.  If you are concerned about the direction of our country and the narratives that divide us, it is important to consider the sources of our information. “Facts matter,” but how can you know if they really are facts? “Fake news” or truth? How can we know the difference with so much spin and selective presentations of information? Bennett gives us some suggestions. If you think Bennett’s claims are too extreme to be believed, his sources are included in an extensive notes section.  In these polemic times, it is important to know the back story. Bennett fills in some of the gaps.”

-Martin Brooks, Interim President, Peace Catalyst International

“Every once in a while you read a book that fundamentally challenges and changes your world view.  Two Masters and Two Gospels is one of that breed. It exposes the cynicism and hypocrisy of the so-called ‘religious’ right, and proves through meticulous research that for some, God is the ultimate brand, a tool for power and control with a big bank account attached. Those who knowingly and willingly abuse the trust and generosity of others who live their lives as true Christians, with grace, humility and love, deserve to be called out. And Mike Bennett isn’t afraid to do it. It’s an incredible read.”

Ginny Welsch, Executive Director, WRFN-LPFM, Radio Free Nashville