The current publisher of my books: Akribos Press

My (sadly rarely) updated blog site, The Two Spies Report, dedicated to Joshua and Caleb and functioning as a “Christian Minority Report,” showing that the thoughts of a minority are not always wrong; its content, like my radio show below, always features controversial views and topics, and “something to offend everybody”!

My old classic radio show I produced, Future Quake, which “got me off the ground” in joining the “Great Conversation” publicly, with cutting edge topics and guests, many with controversial views, from the 2005-2012 period it was broadcast on WRFN, 98.9 FM (“Radio Free Nashville”)WENO. AM 650, and on the Internet.

(Note that the older shows in the “Past Shows” audio archives features many views and guests that I either didn’t agree with in whole or part at the time, or today, and heck, many of my own views I expressed then I don’t agree with today! See it as an exercise in free speech and free inquiry, and a means to “exercise those thought muscles,” and keep in mind my evolving views and understanding over the years, as it considered a wide variety of views and perspectives. I have kept many of the shows whose guests or views I significantly disagree with intact in these archives as a commitment to transparency and against censorship— in turn, please ask about my views on a topic before you assume I retain it, then or now!)

My old friend Adam Sayne’s popular Conspirinormal podcast, who is nice enough to often feature me and my work (and whose audience tolerates all my “Jesus talk”), even when many of my “Christian” friends have shut the door. His show is not an explicitly “Christian” show per se, although it features some Christian voices along with those quite different, and explores topics far outside the realm of regular Christian discourse, but his friendship, insightfulness and willingness to provide me a forum is much appreciated!