Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol. 1 Now Available in Hardcover, EPUB Nook Ebook, and paperback and ebook at Kobo/Walmart, Books A Million and Elsewhere!

Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol. 1 Now Featuring Wide Release Beyond Amazon/Kindle and Barnes and Noble paperback, to include hardcover and NOOK and other EPUB ebook editions, and outlets such as Kobo/Walmart, Books a Million and elsewhere!

Friends (old and new), my latest book, Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol. 1, has now expanded in its distribution, beyond Amazon paperback and Kindle (still the most popular sources for purchase), and Barnes and Noble for a paperback alternative, to serve existing or potential readers that prefer to buy their books elsewhere, in different formats, or to reach others who would otherwise not encounter the book online to begin with. Most notably, it has been converted into a good EPUB format (the universal ebook format outside of Kindle), including as a Barnes and Noble NOOK offering and many other venues, and (2) hardcover variants. Regarding the latter, Barnes and Noble offers both a very economical “case laminate” hardcover (wrapped like a textbook, and my favorite version (as well as by libraries) for quality and durability, and good when using the book as a repeated reference, as I intend for fellow researchers and serious readers to use it), as well as a traditional “dust cover” version. Although the ebook versions are very popular and even slightly more lucrative for me, I have a preference for paper versions, because of the fixed structure of the sections, and in particular the very useful lengthy index of the book’s characters, terms and subjects, which I have learned is very helpful to serious readers, students and fellow researchers, but “to each his (or her) own”! While Bookbaby is distributing the ebook version to many other retail sites domestically and internationally, the dominant book distributor, Ingram, is distributing the paperback to other outlets domestically and internationally (and will distribute a hardcover version to other retail outlets and to libraries late in the year).

The current portfolio of retail outlets for Two Masters and Two Gospels, Vol. 1, now include its availability in paperback and Kindle ebook here at Amazon, in paperback, Nook .epub ebook and even two types of hardcover at Barnes and Noble, in ebook via Kobo/Walmart (and even paperback at Walmart) and in ebook at the Kobo store, and paperback and ebook at Books A Million, and many other places.

Some major international outlets now featuring my book include the Southeast Asia book seller E-Sentral, and the Swedish retailer Bokus. Soon after release, sales have been recorded in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and Sweden!

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